Project leaders say Hello

5 men, 5 incredible pair of eyes, 5 amazing voices and one unforgettable name …

Ohno Satoshi, Sakurai Sho, Aiba Masaki, Ninomiya Kazunari, Matsumoto Jun

مرحباً - Helloこんにちは- Guten Tag - Bonjour สวัสดี

안녕하세요- Pozdravljeni - 您好- Buenos días - selamat siang

Welcome to our Arashi 5x15 Project

It´s true,

to Arashi´s 15th anniversary are still two years

but we want to create a big project

to celebrate an extraordinary band.

We want to express our gratitude for these 15 years of fun, hope, joy, happiness, anxiety, fear …

We hope you will join this community and our project. Instructions about it are found here.




As we spoke in FB group, leaders had an emergency meeting on previous Sunday and some things will be changed.

From now on, LJ, FB and Tumblr will be only back up for forum we created!!! That's why we also removed projects from here and shared them there. 

We think forum is a more organized version, all can post what they want and all can find what they want. LJ, FB and Tumblr will still exist but only for important announcements to important projects or reminders.

What we would like you to do, is:
- to move to the forum now (location: and we are sorry for inconveniance.
- to participate in projects!!! We can also translate projects to other languages which is why we again need translators that will look at the english version and translate it in as many languages as possible!!

Thank you for understanding :)

Another leader's request!!

Soon the t-shirt logo design contest will be over and we are searching for people that will want to take responsibility for t-shirt orders per country. 

If you think you:

- can take orders for fans with responsibility

- know a place where you can go and hand in the winning logo for printing at a cheap prize

- know of a way to hand in / send or any other way so that the finished shirt will be able to reach the person who ordered

- and if you know how to handle payments for the t-shirt?

Then you are the person who can do it!

Every country will have one representative for which we will post contacts once the voting for logos will be over and with all details how to order etc.

List of countries that already have a representative:

- Italy

- Slovenia

- France

- I think Germany too (need to wait for two leaders from Germany to come back home from J-day xD)

For any questions, contact any of the leaders or ask in the comment below.


Welcome to all new members

First of all thanks to all the new members that joined our project, we are really thankful for that. 

As you can see the community already exists since January, we promoted it back then already but did another promotion yesterday and we saw there was a huge response so we would like to say a few words to direct you around the community. 

1. As you can see on the sidebar on the right there are 8 leaders of this project, mostly Europeans :) We all try hard, think of projects and wish to make this project a success.

2. Also on the sidebar you can see two links where you can also follow us, facebook group and tumblr. Both get the same news as here, though Facebook is a little more active from the other fan's :)

3. First thing you can do as a new member is look at the sidebar (yeah, again). xD If you aren't familiar with goals our project has and if you aren't good in english, we made introduction of the project wishes and goals in different languages. Again thanks to those that helped us with translations. :)

4. Since project started in January, there are already some projects you can work on and I'll again list them below:
- T-shirt design contest!!! This one will end soon, on 15th June so if you have idea, hurry up before the due date is over because we don't accept them after this date. Special treat: winner gets a special prize from leaders!!!
- as you could see in introductions, we want to get new ideas and your thoughts from the questionnaries so please head on the sidebar where the link is, copy that and send it to the assigned mail. But remember, those who will hand in the questionnaries, won't only help with ideas but will also get a mail in return, asking you to do a word-art for us. 
- we are accepting any fanarts, as long as they belong to you and as long it's Arashi related.
- we are also moving on with the main project so we are looking for someone who can play Arashi song on instrument because we want to avoid copyright problems so we intend to do our own arrangement. 
- lastly please share the information about the project around so that it reaches as many Arashi fans as possible!

5. Any further questions, doubts or anything you wish to say to this are welcomed, you can either send messages to the leaders, comment below or using our mail, we assure you, no leader bites. ^^ 

A forum for the project?

Hey Minna-san!
Leaders Discused about a
'5x15 Project -Forum'!
It would be well-ordered and you could find information fast.
But we aren't sure if we should make one or not. Which is why we ask you to help us again.

So do we need a Forum or are you okay with Facebook, LJ and Thumblr?

Poll #1836950 Forum?

Does the project needs a forum?

Yes, we need a forum!
No, it's okay!


If anyone of you attend this Meeting please take a lot of Pictures and share it with us^^
We really want to use these for the DVD




TIME: 2:00PM – 9:00PM onwards

VENUE: Aquasphere at Baypark, 1879 M.H. Del Pilar Street, Malate, Manila

-and a lot more!

Ticket prices are: 250php (for early registrants) and 280php (for walk-ins)

You can now register via Dorothy thru text (09176458464). Modes of payment can be via LBC, GCASH, WESTERN UNION OR BANK DEPOSIT (BDO)

Early registration is from April 1, 2012 – April 30, 2012.


Kindly wear light clothes and bring some extra clothes/swimming attire. Also, bring extra money for the auction.

For more inquiries just text Dorothy ^^


First little Project

MINNA-san :-)

Thank you for your membership and the answers to the questionary!

Thanks to all of you, we already have:

Livejournal: 204 members!!!

Facebook: 680 members!!!

Tumbl: 138 followers!!!


But we want MORE!

Our first official action will be to make 5x15 Project more known in the countries.

For example: the german project leaders are going to the japanese day (that takes place only in Germany), where they will spread visit cards with our project and also wear T-shirts with our project logo.

Please let us know what you intend to do to promote the project and if you do something similar than us, please send us pictures of it to the already known mail ( =)


We need help with a small decision!!

Dear members, thank you again for joining us for this project. We, the leaders, are already making first movements regarding small project but we have stumbled upon a question that we can't solve by ourselves so help us decide.

Thank you in advance, your leaders :) 

Poll #1826814 Question regarding translations

The question is: "Would you need translations in other languages for future projects or is english instructions enough?"

English is enough.
Please do other translations too like you did with project introduction.

All new members

  First of all we are really thankful and joyed that so many people has joined the community and the project!! Thank you to those who are helping us with the translations and those who give their best to promote the project to other people, we really have to thank all of you ^^  

Secondly all new members, those who haven't please look for the questionary (look at the sidebar on the right or bottom of this entry) and send us the answers to our mail which is attached there, also please state the subject as: Questionary. Also thank you to those who already handed the answers in, all were really lovely and the ideas are already being discussed by the leaders, preparing the first small project ^^